About SSNP

Aim of SSNP

The aim of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is the creation of a Syrian Social Nationalist renaissance which will fulfill its declared

The Fourth Basic Principle

The Syrian nation is the product of the ethnic unity of the Syrian people which developed throughout history.

The Fifth Basic Principle

The Syrian homeland is that geographic environment in which the Syrian nation evolved. It has distinct natural boundaries and extends from the Taurus range

The Seventh Basic Principle

The Syrian Social Nationalist movement derives its inspiration from the talents of the Syrian nation and its cultural political national history.

The Fourth Reform Principle

The abolition of feudalism, the organization of national economy on the basis of production and the protection of the rights of labour and the interests of the nation and the state.

The Fifth Reform Principle

Formation of strong armed forces which will be effective in determining the destiny of the country and the nation.

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